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Promotional items are very important to determine and support your image and are often, unconsciously, underestimated. They carry out your message in places where your product is not present or visible. It is therefore of great importance that the choice of an idea or a product and the manner of printing on products, ensembles the intended information you like to transmit about your product and company. It's all about details … always! EGA is a specialist in image-building and can help to make the difference. Professional knowledge is needed to give the ultimate advice that fits your image.

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When you are a supplier of special products and services, you always have something to show.

Sometimes it may be not new for us, but very new for you. An example: we could import numbers of printed ostrich eggs from Africa years ago and we saw this as an opportunity to sell something special to our customers. But as almost always some are left behind.

We make this a special occasion to sell those left behind per piece, which we normally don’t. But this is only one of our stock articles. Sometimes we have try-outs, which can not be sold, because our customers want them printed with a customer logo on it or in a different color. Than those samples will be left alone. Therefore we made this CASH BUTTON. Please take a look and you may find something special for a special occasion here.

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